Welcome to The Crowded Bookshelf, my personal collection of nonfiction book reviews and essays across the fields of philosophy, history, science, psychology, and more. As an avid reader with a wide range of interests, this website is a place for me to share what I’ve learned over a lifetime of reading.

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  • Math & Natural Science – Explores our understanding of the natural world and the tools and methods of scientific discovery. Topics include mathematics, physics, biology, and evolution, with an emphasis on the history and philosophy of science.
  • Psychology & Behavioral Science – Explores all aspects of the human mind, thought, and behavior. Topics include perception, memory, intelligence, emotion, personality, and cognition, with an emphasis on cognitive, social, and evolutionary psychology.
  • Philosophy & Intellectual History – Explores the history of ideas, the great philosophers and philosophical works of the past, and the perennial questions of philosophy. Topics include the ultimate nature of reality and knowledge, the existence of god, free will and consciousness, ethics, political philosophy, the nature of the good life, and the evolution of knowledge and the nature of moral progress.
  • History & Social Science – Explores human history in all aspects (political, economic, military, intellectual, and cultural) and the structure and evolution of human institutions and cultures, with special emphasis on macrohistory, political science, and sociology.

Ryan Boissonneault
Ryan Boissonneault

Ryan Boissonneault works professionally as a technical writer, holding master’s degrees in both technical writing and business administration. A lifelong learner and an avid reader, Ryan is drawn to the big questions of philosophy, history, and science.